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Servex Wheel Aligner LX7 3000

LX7 3000 Laser Wheel Aligner

LX7 300 on Car

The LX7-3000 is the latest release from Servex and like its predecessors, the LX7 &   LX7-2000, it's the dominant product in the Australian market through laser technology. Offering four (4) wheel alignment capability at a very modest price compared with other alternatives. One connection of the heads for all readings.  Forget having to move heads from front to rear and try to remember to reverse your readings. this unit can improve wheel alignment output without the loss of accuracy.

Features include user calibration & service, battery powered, no cables, quick clamps standard.

Measure: Camber, Caster, Toe, Set Back, SAI, Toe out on Turns

Standard unit consists of 4 Quick clamps, 2 front heads, 2 rear heads, front turntables, rear slip plates, mobile trolley, steering wheel lock/brake pedal depressor, training videos, vehicle specification database.   Reduce your payment but not your standards.

Truck Version available LX7T, Align all axles from rear to front.  

For a brochure on the LX7 3000 Wheel Aligner click here.

For more details and pricing contact Doug Rodway on 0428 692 510 or go to our contact us page.