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Services We Provide

*    Routine (logbook) servicing, especially for late (current) model car & 4WD vehicles (we can do servicing on vehicles when they are covered by manufacturers new vehicle warranties).
*    Steering & suspension repairs.
*    Front & rear wheel alignments.
*    Automatic transmission servicing (using a new transfusion machine to change all the transmission when needed).
*    Manual & automatic transmission repairs.
*    Differential repairs.
*    Brake servicing & repairs including disc & drum machining.
*    Power steering servicing & repairs including system flushing.
*    Cooling system servicing, flushing & repairs.
*    Supply a large range of tyres.
*    Tyre fitting & wheel balancing.
*    Alternator & starter motor repairs.
*    Diagnostic service eg. For engine management systems, electronic transmission, automatic climate controls, ABS & other vehicle electrical & electronic systems.
*    Stock a large range of new & exchange reconditioned electronic components eg. Electronic Control Units, Crank Angle Sensors, Air mass meters & Ignition Modules.
*    Petrol fuel injections systems repairs, including ‘K Jetronic’ fuel distributors repair services.
*    Petrol fuel injector cleaning.
*    Exhaust system repairs.
*    Stock a large range of new & used Volvo spare parts.
*    Air conditioning servicing & repairs, including retrofitting to R134a gas (the gas the manufacturers use).
We also have courtesy vehicles available upon request.